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Hem or cuff. Stacking looks like total shit, in my opinion. Fortunately, I'm a 34 inseam, so I don't have to hassle with it too much.
Used to be Right-handed, left pocket. I sling my bag over my right shoulder, though, so it hangs primarily over the left side of my ass, and would rub up against my wallet, getting the bag all stained and creating holes in the jean on one corner of the wallet. Now, I'm righty-righty. I occasionally shove my phone in my left pocket, though. Probably going to hop on a slimmer wallet here, soon. I have decided I really don't like the look of pocket fades. Edit: Jesus,...
I'm 6'1, 145-155 lbs, depending on the season (cardio or lifting, also known as Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter). As a lot of people in this thread have made apparent, there are really a lot of options, but you're generally going to have a hard time with mall brands (this extends beyond denim, into most everything; if you're skinny, and you want something that fits, expect to pay more). On a budget, the 511 is probably your best option; 514 has this ridiculous flare out at...
What is this "demim" you speak of?
Quote: Originally Posted by scribbles Is spending $30 to tailor a $70 shirt (I always use my 15% student discount) excessive? Maybe, but, perhaps you are just looking at it the wrong way. Would you pay $100 for a shirt that you really liked and that fit you perfectly? I know I would See, I guess this is my hang-up. When you put it like that, it makes more sense, but what goes through my head is "I'm spending almost half the price of this shirt...
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba I would find a terrible fitting cheap suit paired with John Lobbs to be equally dysfunctional. Well, it goes both ways, of course. Actually, on a reread, it seems like all I said in my post was "Wear what looks good, shoes are important."
I had a roommate from there. He wore a lot of fake designer clothing. There's probably places to find the real deal, though.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira Hooked on Phonics failed me Happens to the best of us. My last post was referencing the law, by the way, not the sentence. A reread makes me think it could be interpreted like I was correcting you in a rather rude manner, which wasn't my intention.
You pretty much nailed it, I think. As far as looks go, belts are all pretty uniform; one of those pieces of the outfit that no one really notices unless it doesn't fit. From an aesthetic perspective, there's not really a need to spend much on a belt. Certainly, there's a difference in leather quality and some subtle differences in appearance between a $50 and $200+ belt, but most people will probably be content with a simple brown or black belt. Basically, since the...
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira No models under 16..... so does that mean they have to have adults model children's clothing? Quote: - Only use models aged 16 or older to model adult clothes - both on catwalks and in print. This, at least, makes sense to me.
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