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I know he's already been mentioned, but Ande Whall puts out a product of surpreme quality in basically any size you can (reasonably) imagine. Check him out.
I hate to be a bother, but I'd also appreciate a spare, if anyone is willing. Thanks, fellas.
Oh my god.
Quote: Originally Posted by REguy Thoughts on the new natural chromexcel? The Band-Aid color of it doesn't seem that versatile. Attachment 48651 These actually look interesting. I'd need to see real pictures to draw up any worthwhile opinions, but I think the color is nice, a lighter shade that probably displays scuffs more easily. I'd like to see how these things take dye/polish, too.
Quote: Originally Posted by Roygbivuxg ^this is truth. For the 29.5 dude considering the 25, don't do it bro, your nuts wont forgive you. Don't go lower than 27. (I'm your size and 26 is quite uncomfortable). This is a helpful post. I've been considering picking up a pair of PS, but was unsure whether to opt for 26 or 27 waist (6'1, 29 inch waist). A 27 in NS fits a little baggy on me, but is very comfortable, despite the waist stretching to...
Quote: Originally Posted by wmmk FWIW, I'm 6'2", 170ish, and a J. Crew small fits me ok, if not a little baggy around the waist. Their stuff is usually pretty generously cut. Yeah, this makes sense. I'm 6'1, and hover around 140-145 lbs, and a J. Crew small has been (historically - someone mentioned they slimmed them down this season?) very big on me. An X-Small fits better, but is too short in the arms and trunk.
Quote: Originally Posted by insp86 Does anyone/everyone agree? Yes, wash those. They look overdue, the material is starting to decay noticeably.
Purdue is in Lafayette. There is literally nothing here, except the University and the Caterpillar Plant. Maybe some cool small-town restaurants in the town center, but it's mostly just bars - most of which are pretty dormant, right now, since school isn't in session.
I get this feeling all the time. Born and raised (apart from a stint overseas) in the South, and decided to head to Purdue for University... not a bad school by any means, but there's just nothing here. Indy is alright, though. Not much in the way of outlets or little niche stores, but it's a cool city for other reasons. The internet is your friend around here, though. As for hating the shit the midwest gets, I feel your pain every time someone equates the South =...
Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin Suede in water?... Pretty sure he's being sarcastic.
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