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Is this the slim-fit variety, by any chance?
Quote: Originally Posted by shckr446 So I was going to order these boots but unfortunatly they currently do not have my size (9 1/2). I also called any there is no back order. What do you guys recomend I do? I was thinking either size down, order the waterproof version (does anyone have there? thoughts? or go with the chippewa gq boots?? thanks The boots are 1/2 size large, despite conflicting reports in this thread. It's not so...
Quote: Originally Posted by danilo Oh, and what happened to all the Belstaff and Barbour jackets? They're just not carrying them anymore? Not that I can afford, but I was curious. Sale started today, so all of the collabs are down. I'm also interested in the University Coat. I saw the pics posted earlier in the thread; I'd probably be about the same, a small slim-fit (6'1, 145lbs), wondering if it's a good option for the winter. I'm at...
Quote: Originally Posted by xchen I'm going to get a black Barbour International jacket this winter, but those Belstaffs are superb. The khaki color looks great, and will look better with age, as all waxed or oiled cotton jackets do. I'm considering getting the tweed herringbone Ludlow jacket in khaki this fall as well. I don't know why J. Crew doesn't stock the International over the Belstaff jackets, honestly. I bought one while I was...
Quote: Originally Posted by nutcracker http://www.amazon.com/Dispenser-5oz-...3941786&sr=8-1 seems like this exact one. Probably not originally intended for shoe-shining purpose Given that it says "Hand Lamp" on it, I'd say probably not.
Quote: Originally Posted by bellyhungry Got my first pair of APC last week after all the recommendations here and am wearing it today to my office... Boy, this thing is tight around the hip, especially sitting down. I hope it stretches out like people here say it would They'll stretch, I promise. The big thing with new APC's is just how stiff and rough they are. I recommend soaking them, personally, as it sort of softens them up... they...
Quote: Originally Posted by ctrlaltelite quick verdict on the new slim fit: similar to gitman vintage, slim body, slightly higher armholes, but the sleeves are still roomy. it's between the polo custom fit and brooks brothers extra-slim. This sounds promising. I think I'm going to take a dive on one of the shirts, if it fits like you said. A medium between those two would be ideal for me, I think.
I know he's already been mentioned, but Ande Whall puts out a product of surpreme quality in basically any size you can (reasonably) imagine. Check him out.
I hate to be a bother, but I'd also appreciate a spare, if anyone is willing. Thanks, fellas.
Oh my god.
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