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If we can get a Cigar Wingtip Boot going for one of these, I would be very interested.
Excellent to hear. I'll definitely be putting in an order sometime later in the season.When do you think you'll be able to show us what you're doing with them?
Styleforum's purpose is pretty clearly put forth in the name; it's a forum about style and fashion. This has been brought up other places, but fabric/quality of the materials is only one aspect of fashion; you can wear fabrics of the highest quality, rock jawnz with peek-a-boo selvedge, hidden rivets, and japanese hand-weaved natural dyed fabric, but if it looks like crap, what's the point?I'm not going to argue for or against the quality of Faded Glory; you seem happy...
Looks great. Might take a little getting used to, but looks a lot better.
Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland What place had that shirt for $76? I checked the context link from the previous page and it's $152 and size large. Context had a flash sale on Friday.
Quote: Originally Posted by KitAkira FWIW, this is not like Superfuture 4.0. The change won't be so jarring Good to hear. Sufu's layout gives me a headache.
Quote: Originally Posted by CHRK33 Lets do something different besides another captoe...Cigar wingtip boot? This guy has the right idea.
Quote: Originally Posted by Klobber I prefer my woman to have no clothes on. Means I can have no clothes on either. I like chicks that are into "dressing minimally". I like you.
Quote: Originally Posted by Astronaut888 The Context site lists the 25 NS as having a 27 waist. I understand these are vainity sized, but also know that they are known to stretch considerably. considering the waist measures a 27, I would imagine that one would expect up to 2 inches stretch in the waist, correct? So, would seem to me that a true 29 or even 30 waist could get by w/ a 25? The size down 2 or 3 rule doesn't seem to take into account...
Quote: Originally Posted by Guus Do these models get to keep the cloths? Doubtful. Back when I modeled, at least, you were just paid.
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