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That looks great, better than I imagined. Wow at the pic of it standing on its own; you weren't kidding when you said they were stiff. Very interested to see what you do with the VTG stuff.
Those dotted shirts for ss12 are some hot shit.
That's just how it goes when you order from Gitman. You can call to get an order update, if you're worried, but there isn't really any email correspondence.
4-Zip Moto or CM in VTG would be incredible. Can't wait to hear more on the VTG stuff, Drew.
Oh man, it's discontinued? Probably all the pointless bitching in this thread about the collar.
Tellason is a great value, and the fits are rough approximations of the APC NS, PS, and Rescues. Sizing is a little whack, and I haven't seen any accurate measurements posted on online retailers; in my experience, size down two from your natural waist size, and you should be fine. Took me two tries to get that right. If you want something a little higher end, maybe Raleigh Denim or Left Field. Not much experience with the latter, but I'm always hearing and seeing good...
I would take a cigar shell boot in this makeup in a heartbeat. My dream boot.
If we can get a Cigar Wingtip Boot going for one of these, I would be very interested.
Excellent to hear. I'll definitely be putting in an order sometime later in the season.When do you think you'll be able to show us what you're doing with them?
Styleforum's purpose is pretty clearly put forth in the name; it's a forum about style and fashion. This has been brought up other places, but fabric/quality of the materials is only one aspect of fashion; you can wear fabrics of the highest quality, rock jawnz with peek-a-boo selvedge, hidden rivets, and japanese hand-weaved natural dyed fabric, but if it looks like crap, what's the point?I'm not going to argue for or against the quality of Faded Glory; you seem happy...
New Posts  All Forums: