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Glad I'm not the oneGlad I'm not the only one. Although mine doesn't look quite that extensive, I have a similar problem in the same spot – the inner left sleeve.It didn't look that way out of the box, though, but developed within 20-30 minutes of wear. I believe it's loose grain creasing; common in Chromexcel, when the treatment doesn't penetrate and permeate all the way through the leather, creating differences in grain within the leather.That's my understanding, anyway....
I'm about 6'1", 155-160 lbs and I went with a small. I was worried it was too small at first, but it's beginning to break in pretty well after a day's wear.With regard to relativity to other Gustin products, I'm sorry to say that the only other item I've bought from them were the briefs! So I don't think there's much comparison to be made. FWIW, I'm a small in those as well.I haven't measured the jacket to compare against the fit guide, although I'd say just by how it fits...
It's been a while since I used this account, but since I see everyone clamoring for pictures, I'll post a few. I've been a little disappointed that some loose grain creasing has developed on one of the sleeves, but I'm otherwise very pleased with the jacket. Pictures of the rest of the jacket. The left side in general seems to have a looser grain, as demonstrated in the photos.
Hey Mike, I sent this email a week or so ago, was hoping maybe you could answer my question. Thanks a bunch!
Price has gotten out of hand, and the fit is weird almost across the board. I really only hit them up for cheap basics these days.
The Alden up someone's ass line really hit me. Very good.
I tried these on once; I was a little curious because of the high price point ($225, I think?) and the way they've been pushing the cut. Really, really did not like the cut, and the quality definitely wasn't there, at least not in the raw selvedge jean. I was expecting a cut somewhere along the line of APC NS, and it was much bigger through the thighs and topblock, even sized down, and tapered oddly. On my build, at least, it wasn't particularly flattering.
If it's worth it to anyone, I wear a 28 APC NS, and a 29 in Tellason's John Graham Mellor fit. The top block is a little funny with the Tellasons, the thighs and waist aren't exactly proportional. Nice details, though, and they definitely don't look bad.
Holy shit, these are beautiful. Cigar? Fuck, I wish I was more liquid right now.
There's a whole thread dedicated to J. Crew here. As for the general opinion on J. Crew; they offer a wide variety of items, some of which are geared towards the workwear trend that has kicked up in the last few years, an angle that allowed them to gain some traction in the menswear blogosphere a few years back. Their collaborations are the biggest reason to buy, as they can pull in some big names and generate some really killer individual pieces. They are, however, very...
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