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Are there any viewers for the Euros in China? i'm leaving tomorrow, and I'm trying to figure out how I'm gonna stay caught up.
leggings. They're hot as hell, no doubt, but they're also all girls wear in the winter. they seem to be a really poor insulator. Or does the tightness make them hold heat easier????? Mysteries of life..
Yeah but for college age guys it's not really for many occasions that a post-grad would experience. Speaking as someone who does this occasionally, it's for crawfish boils, gameday, etc. where we like to get dress up but also are kind of just dicking around.
Hey guys, Looking to stock up on some more durable outwear that I can layer. I have one of Patagonia's R3s and their basic synchilla fleeces and I'm looking to get a few more. I wear size S and XS usually and I was wondering when they had major sales? My current items were full-retail impulse buys but now that I'm mostly off the parental tit, I'm hoping to save a few bucks. Along that vein do y'all think it's possible that the boys size XL/L will be proportioned properly...
The owner did a presentation at my school for a class on start ups. One of our alums. He trained on Jermyn St., forgot which firm. Shirts are made in Poland. He was very knowledgeable and assured me that these shirts were on par with any shirt in the 200-300 dollar retail price range because of the lower overhead of not having a brick and mortar shop.
If you're volunteering, I could always use another yacht buddy.
I put ketchup on my square pizza. Then I started bringing the "ham," "cheese," and cracker sandwich lunchables.
Now can we play AAAC, AAAC Trad, and MC?
In Beijing I had it easy with a 15 minute walk to the subway, 35 minute subway ride, then 13 minute walk to the office. At school, it's a very scenic 15 minute walk to campus where all my classes are close to each other. In high school, I had friends who had to catch the SIR from Tottenville to the ferry and ride the ferry into South Ferry, and take the 1 train up to Chamber st for high school. All to get there at like 8:00 or 7:30ish. I can only imagine that's nearly a 4...
Jean shorts??
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