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You're right, like anything else it does boil down to how well you can network. I suppose I am lucky that I am still new career-wise. I imagine that the i switching careers becomes less "interesting" and a more of a novelty or a red flag the older I get. Definitely do not want to pursue the JD route or the MBA route, I guess I really want to stay out of biotech if I can help it. Thanks again for the insight.
I recently graduated this June, and I majored in chemistry from a school that is pretty respected for its chemistry program. I currently work at a large pharmaceutical company as an intern. However, being in this work environment, I realized that I don't want to pursue science in the future. Since the skills are so specialized, I feel that I am essentially starting from square one in terms of job experience and skills. Has anyone switched tracks from a STEM field into...
Hi, selling a brand new pair of CPs achilles low in size 42. Just worn around the house, unfortunately they were too large. Comes with everything. Willing to trade for lows in size 41 in any color. Price is slightly negotiable, but I am just looking to get back what I paid. Includes shipping. Thanks!
Hi, selling a few pairs of jeans I do not wear because they are either too small/too large etc. Prices are negotiable. Wings + Horns Slim Fit jeans Size 28 I forgot the exact name for these jeans, I think they are 5 year wash or something similar. These fit true to size, and the fit is the same as this pair on Acrimony: The waist is too tight on me, otherwise I would keep them. Looking for 80...
Worn once outside and decided it wasn't my style, looking for 90 shipped, price negotiable. Thanks! Selling this hoodie or will trade for a size medium, worn only 3 times then decided it was too small, still has tags Looking for 140, but negotiable, just looking for my money back so I can buy another, thanks!
Anyone willing to trade their size med villain hoodie for a size small black villain hoodie, still new with tags!
Hi, selling a sns herning observer sweater in in size medium. Color is dark navy and white. Bought new on the forums and just tried on once and realized I didn't look good in stripes and haven't worn it since. Just wrinkled from folding! Price is 60 shipped plus 4% to the ConUSA. Thank you!
Looking for the Robert Geller Dip Dye Sweater in a size 46 or 48 in preferably the neutral colors but I am open to anything, please PM me with offers. Thank you!
Anyone know of stockists that happen to be selling the tapered pants in size 44? Been looking all over the place for them.
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