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Quote: Originally Posted by jaypee If their stories of fleeing persecution in their homelands are true, and they are genuinely refugees, then Christmas Island is paradise in comparison. They’ll be fine. And our universities are a joke, Glados in right! Dont even get me started on their practises in regards to international students. I had people in my class that couldnt even participate in class discussions or partake in presentations because their...
Stimulus works, you just have to bail out the public, not the banks who will just swallow the cash to feather their own nests with. Australia did that when its stock market really started to slide and it stopped the country from entering recession.
Quote: Originally Posted by mink31 Are you confusing percision with accuracy? no
Quote: Originally Posted by ArteEtLabore14 Percision is hard to come by these days.
Quote: Originally Posted by rioni get a grip I call my car 'my car'. I dont call it 'my turbocharged 20 valve automobile' even though thats what it is.
Quote: Originally Posted by redcaimen Its obviously fodder for further ridcule but when someone has the requiste lack of shame needed to go this route its best just to turn your head in disgust. Glados and Athingforcashmere in the same thread? Its like a convention for NASA employees! you're warmer than anyone else posting but still havent quite reached the answer yet...
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Are you confusing chronometer with chronograph? both are a wank, chronometer is even more of a wank unless you NEED percision. but you dont need percision.
bowl of breakfast ceral is impossible to beat (unless hung over/drinking etc) ready in 15 seconds flat, no cooking time and as filling as you want it to be.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire Mods, please cut from where Mark's rather light hearted, poking fun at some Repubs in a funny fashion, thread got derailed by the troll. This thread deserves more than it got. 4 pages!! we have a winner!! 'the' troll? come on, we both know there's more than both of us.
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