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which shop in london sells these? http://www.asos.com/Fly-London/Fly-L...t=-1&clr=Black i'd like to try them on.
Hi, I'm looking for sunglasses. Ideally, something below £80 or £50. I'm not too keen on spending above that, actually the figure I present now is also high for such utility. I don't want ray ban, anything with a flaming logo across it. I want something very subtle yet elegant at the same time.
thoughts on this shoe http://www.clarks.co.uk/find/departm...711/pgs-is-100
Budget: £1-2.5k. I'm looking for something that'll last a while. 5-10 years would do. I wouldn't mind increasing my budget to accommodate this. Also, something waterproof.
Hi All, what's a good luxury long lasting shirt than can be worn untucked? I'd prefer button down. For untucked, does the shirt need to be cut differently at the bottom?
Hi does anyone know where to buy http://patrickjames.com/product.aspx?product=3814DKBR8M in the UK? any pattern/colour will do, but i'd prefer those.
Hi All, Would I be able to find discounted clothing - Blazers, Polos, Jeans, Chinos - in Italy? I'm looking to buy Ralph Lauren, D&G and others. I presume that since they'd be made there, it'd considerably cheaper than buying in the UK. If it's possible, what part specifically in Italy would one go?
I think the dressing is for waxy leather.
Hi, does anyone have these ABRA 3 Tan http://www.jonesbootmaker.com/main/d...T40/ABRA_3_Tan or for that matter, anything from http://www.jonesbootmaker.com/main/brand/Fly_London/467 I own a pair, and I find they scratch very easily. What shall I use on them? The shop assistants are obviously clueless as they sold me 'Traditional Dressing' which doesn't help at all.
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