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100% real.
You're pushing into CBD territory with this one Spoo! (except for perhaps the square, although I think it looks fine). Love the tie--Drakes?
Nice tassel loafers--maker/model?
Nice tie-- who makes it?
Nice! What style shirt collar are you wearing from cottonwork?
So I'm guessing it was MTM? Actually I prefer the double cuffs with that shirt. I almost never get button cuffs, though.
Great shirt! Who makes it?
Nice Vic! Who makes your shoes?
Nice shirt! Maker?
This has been my experience as well. I'm a 9.5 D for US, and almost always an 8.5 UK, but for BB archdale went with the 8 UK. It is a bit snug, but fits better than the 8.5 UK which was too large.
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