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Nice. BTW condolences on the passing of your Prez John Atta Mills...
Re Drakes- Royal Mail = no duty
Congrats Spoo! Best of luck to you.
^^^hate to say this, but the bar for US team uniforms was not very high to say the least, and Ralph blew it--particularly the women's version.
Ugh. No gold for Ralph on those...
This. The shoes are nice and conservative --if you like them get them. No one will notice, esp if you get the black ones.
Spoo is putting a lot of pressure on himself! After this extended absence everyone is looking for fireworks for his 20,000th post. Of course, what will he do for 30,000?
HF-- Nice double monks! Maker?
Wow... Is losing his appeal??? This thread is already languishing after a mere 17 pages...
^^Sorry, but that is simply false. I am a 9.5D US, and very often take an 8.5F UK. It really depends on the last. A blanket statement like that is very misleading and is just not the case across the board.
New Posts  All Forums: