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I've bought Dore Dore socks from Cable Car Clothiers (San Francisco store) not sure if they sell them online, but they might do a phone order.
Right, I realize I've asked you this before. What worries me is that I can't even fit my foot in a 8.5E Lowndes (348). Have you ever tried on the Lowndes in an 8.5? How does the 348 last fit your foot? On the snug side or comfortable? Thanks again for all your help!
So I am: US 9.5D CJ 337 8.5E (perfect) CJ 348 8.5E in Hallam (quite snug but doable) 9E in Lowndes (slightly loose, but 8.5E is way too tight) Carmina Simpson?
Really Vox/FC? You wear wellies or L.L. Bean boots when you're going to a business meeting in the city?
^^those shoes are made by Cheaney and are a great value. A step up in quality from Allen Edmonds and probably on par with Alden.
Well, then I would definitely consider a resole. If the Redway is not the Cavendish, then that shoe is not available at the moment. If you like it, you would need to resole it.
The polo redway is the CJ cavendish?
Nice shirt! Maker?
Nice. Which Cheaney model?
In this day and age, a black tie event, whether privately held or at a public venue, is usually held for some celebratory reason which could range from hearing an impressive soprano give a few arias to a New Years Eve party to someone's birthday or other personal milestone. In all cases, it is not just a bunch of people hanging out in tuxes and eating chips and salsa and opening their own beers. It is a "special occasion" and hence, staff would certainly be appropriate,...
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