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Im with the EGs 888s
I don't mean more "formal" shirts with double cuffs, I mean the same shirts you currently offer just with double cuffs. I would wear many of them with double cuffs if they were available.
Guys-- how about more double cuff (French cuff) shirts??? Why all barrel cuffs??
Welcome to the sound bite generation...
+1. Another vote for year-round su├Ęde.
I like the collar n this shirt. Who makes it?
For a conservative environment, try Byredo's Sunday Cologne. Very crisp and clean-- and very light.
Does anyone know definitively which last the Marlow Tassel is on? Is it the 325?
Foo-- who makes these shirts? Like the collars; are they two-button?
Really like the collar on your blue-and-white Cheshire stripe shirt. I hope you will feature it again and frequently. Also, could you offer more double cuff shirts? You have great shirts and patterns but alas they are virtually all button cuff...
New Posts  All Forums: