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Re Drakes- Royal Mail = no duty
Congrats Spoo! Best of luck to you.
^^^hate to say this, but the bar for US team uniforms was not very high to say the least, and Ralph blew it--particularly the women's version.
Ugh. No gold for Ralph on those...
This. The shoes are nice and conservative --if you like them get them. No one will notice, esp if you get the black ones.
Spoo is putting a lot of pressure on himself! After this extended absence everyone is looking for fireworks for his 20,000th post. Of course, what will he do for 30,000?
HF-- Nice double monks! Maker?
Wow... Is losing his appeal??? This thread is already languishing after a mere 17 pages...
^^Sorry, but that is simply false. I am a 9.5D US, and very often take an 8.5F UK. It really depends on the last. A blanket statement like that is very misleading and is just not the case across the board.
The shoe in the link is most definitely NOT the Ramsey. It may well be made by AS (I dont know, BTW) but it is not the Ramsey. The Ramsey has a slight fiddleback, channelled sole and it doesnt have a double sole. Also, the top buckle on the Ramsey is set off at more of an angle than on this shoe. A completely different shoe, really.I like the Ramsey much more. The Sid Mashburn version looks like the JL William even if it is made by AS.
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