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What last are those EGs on? What size did you get?
With all due respect, I would seriously consider revising your survey questions before your go live with it (although it might be too late). You needlessly break down ages into categories that really make no sense (how does the 44 - 49 group differ materially from 50 - 54? I'm sure the overlap is tremendous). You really want to segment the under 100K folks to within 20K but then group all the 100K+ together? REally? I would make the categories under 50, 50 - 99, 100-...
Im with the EGs 888s
Welcome to the sound bite generation...
+1. Another vote for year-round su├Ęde.
I like the collar n this shirt. Who makes it?
For a conservative environment, try Byredo's Sunday Cologne. Very crisp and clean-- and very light.
Does anyone know definitively which last the Marlow Tassel is on? Is it the 325?
Foo-- who makes these shirts? Like the collars; are they two-button?
Nice. BTW condolences on the passing of your Prez John Atta Mills...
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