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Women get their ideas on fashion from magazines, celebrities, what's "in" at the moment, what the "cool kids" are wearing etc. this is completely different from men. That's why she is pushing the new awful "trendy" looks. I bet she prefers square-toed Aldos and Kenneth Coles to EG, CJ et al. put her in her place man.
They are definitely not the Lowndes-- more rounded and less elongated last. However, they are probably the same quality (bench grade) considering the price point.
This. Put your foot down man. Lead. Women like that.
Nice! AS? (who makes them?)
Those look like Lobb Williams
Hey Quake-- my gf of 1.5 years (20 years my junior and smoking hot) has been begging me to marry her. She says I can show up in my underpants if I want as long as I go through with it.
Great tie, Lilac. Who makes it?
You can order from CJ directly for immediate dispatch. They are the same price as bodiley's and pediwear, but you pay shipping. Significantly cheaper than CJ NYC.
You could try a pair of Carminas at the Armoury.com (there are several) or else the C&J Westfield in tobacco suede. For a bit more I like the C&J belgrave in polo suede (hand grade).
Yeah and still no French cuffs! Ledbury have a great product that easily competes with English shirt makers (who all offer French cuff shirts as standard). I really hope they add at least some to their line up.What keeps me scratching my head is that their core customer who enjoys a bold design and nice spread collar on a well-made shirt is not the same customer as the one who would even consider one of their point collar white or light blue FF shirts which should just...
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