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Those look like Lobb Williams
Hey Quake-- my gf of 1.5 years (20 years my junior and smoking hot) has been begging me to marry her. She says I can show up in my underpants if I want as long as I go through with it.
Great tie, Lilac. Who makes it?
You can order from CJ directly for immediate dispatch. They are the same price as bodiley's and pediwear, but you pay shipping. Significantly cheaper than CJ NYC.
You could try a pair of Carminas at the (there are several) or else the C&J Westfield in tobacco suede. For a bit more I like the C&J belgrave in polo suede (hand grade).
^^^sorry for the misunderstanding--I don't think you can actually size down, but it is roomy enough where you could almost size down.
Owning both, I can say the Cheaney 125 are far roomier in the toe box than the Church 173.Compare for example the Arthur III in an F fitting with a Chetwyn in an F fitting. You could almost size a half-size down in the Arthur.
I agree that it is a shame. DC is a sartorial wasteland. There are NO premium stores there at all (please don't call Saks, Nordstroms et al. "premium", nor the tiny Hermes, Gucci, etc. outposts that are excuses for having a presence). The only place where an occasional premium product can be had is in the likes of small boutique like Skyvalet. It is incredibly short-sighted of EG to leave them. They will certainly not sell much at BB in Georgetown--it is a college kid...
^^^ Well done, Stitchy!
Stitch, don't take this the wrong way, but I am seeing a pattern with you. This is the second or third time in my casual perusal of this forum where someone has taken the time to write out some great advice/suggestions (or a detailed sartorial quote, previously) and rather than read it and think about what has been written, you are quick to tl;dr the quote (albeit politely). And yet you DO appear to have the time to post endlessly.Quick $0.02 (unsolicited): learn to...
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