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I would not even consider to hire someone who didn't show up in a dark suit, white (or light blue) shirt, conservative tie, and polished leather shoes. Period.
The point is, none of RL's shirts will be offered with variable sleeve length. You were once able to even get the basic polo-player-ornamented shirts (which I don't care for either) with a precise sleeve length. They got rid of that and left the option only on the higher end (now $145 - $175) Regent shirts. Now even these will come in one sleeve length.
Quote: Originally Posted by ksuhwail I think this is terrible. I'm a 17.5 with a 36-37 sleeve length. I guess that rules me out as a customer. Actually, you may be in luck... not 100% sure but I believe the manager said 15/35 16/36 17/37 etc. to err on the long side (and so the sleeves could actually be shortened, as lengthening would be clearly impossible).
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba My tailor has no problem moving the placket, I suggest you find a different tailor. The store manager advised against shortening more than 1.5" (at least using the in-house tailor), and for which service he will charge $10--whether purchased at full retail or on sale.
Actually the store manager seemed just as annoyed as I was upon hearing this. He made the point that shirts in his store are often impulse buys, and having to come back for an alteration makes that impossible.
Quote: Originally Posted by Viral The blue label (Polo) dress shirts have individual neck and sleeve lengths............one of the main reasons I buy them. OP: are you saying that they will stop doing this going forward? That is correct. They used to have 16-33, 16-34, 16-35, etc. Now they will just have 16 with a single uniform sleeve length. The manager said this is a new decision, and will apply across the board (internet too!). It...
Hadn't been into a Ralph Lauren boutique lately. Stopped in and can say that with the exception of the Purple Label line, RL is truly becoming the Gap... Noticed that they no longer offer variable sleeve lengths on any shirts--even the supposedly higher quality dress shirts that retail for $175. (RLPL never has, but as the shirts are made in Italy, they are Italian sized, in effect--39, 40, 41, etc.) This change was confirmed by the store manager. Also fabrics...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Sic transit gloria aedificii Friday: Parked in the lot of the now-shuttered Louis, Boston at its old Newbury Street location - B FTFY
I would say US D (X) = UK F (X-1) as a general rule. This has mostly worked for me.
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