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Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Sic transit gloria aedificii Friday: Parked in the lot of the now-shuttered Louis, Boston at its old Newbury Street location - B FTFY
I would say US D (X) = UK F (X-1) as a general rule. This has mostly worked for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by sf_esq I concur with the size 1 size down. I sized 1/2 size down and regret it. Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa size down 1. Guys- with all due respect, to just say "size 1 down" without any context is not going to help the OP. For me, this advice would have not worked. If sized down by 1, the shoes would have been unwearable! I sized down 1/2 in this particular last. However, I...
I wear a 9.5D US. I find the 348 *extremely* narrow--the 8.5E is unbearably tight. I find the 9E comfortable--so I size down by half. BUT, I find a 9.5D US to be just right--a good snug fit--not loose at all. So YMMV.
Quote: Originally Posted by RowRow Red socks with gray pants...what? Also, why no brown belt to match with brown shoes? Quote: Originally Posted by Sander There are no belt loops, thus no belt. You have to love the simple logic there.
As a newer participant, I can say that the WAYWRN thread is occasionally diverting... SF-group think aside, I see that there is a spectrum of revered looks: Olddog-----------Holdfast----------MoK--------Gnatty---------NiiDawg-------Foo/Vox-------Cravate-------PG (Super full cut)---------------------------------------(slim cut)----------------------------------------(ultra tailored) (and of course the many other great posters that pepper the line). Hence it is not all...
How about getting EG or G&G etc. to do a special StyleForum shoe with a creative SF brogued in the toe (a la Barker Black's skull & crossbones)? Very discreet, and would be a very nice shoe.
I'm a US 9.5D and I take an 8.5F in the 73 last. Fits perfectly. Not wide at all. YMMV
FWIW- I wear a US9.5D and take a UK9E in the Lowndes. NOTE: the 9.5E wash HUGE. So given what you're saying, I'd go with half a size down. For english shoes, I usually go a full size down from my US size, but as you point out, the 348 last is very narrow, so I went down just half a size and it is more than ample for me.
^^ I'm surprised they suggested the 9.5 for the 358, considering you wear a 9 in the 348 and still need to "crank the straps". I feel the 358 fits exactly like the 348. My experience is the opposite of yours, though. I wear a US 9.5D and find the 8.5E in the 348 excruciatingly tight. I wear a 9E comfortably in the 348/358.
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