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It's just jealousy, Ethan, jealousy. You and the Armoury folks look great, and you are a pleasure to do business with. My best wishes to you for Christmas!
As a long time Church's owner I can certainly attest to the inferior quality of the (especially later) last 73 range, most specifically to the ones that don't say "custom grade". If you were lucky enough to get a custom grade version of the 73, it is going to be a decent shoe; the others are not a bargain--they are what you are paying for. I would stick to the standard custom grade range and even avoid the lower priced city range which also are inferior IMO.
Like the colors, but the jacket seems a bit bulky on you.
By the way, Stitchy... I'm betting that your decision to strategically hide your scruffy beard/neck area will result in your pics being far more appreciated. Very good call. It will silence your critics.
Forget about all those nouveau riche wannabes drinking Macallan 25 swill... Lol
Looks like it's Polo RL
Women get their ideas on fashion from magazines, celebrities, what's "in" at the moment, what the "cool kids" are wearing etc. this is completely different from men. That's why she is pushing the new awful "trendy" looks. I bet she prefers square-toed Aldos and Kenneth Coles to EG, CJ et al. put her in her place man.
They are definitely not the Lowndes-- more rounded and less elongated last. However, they are probably the same quality (bench grade) considering the price point.
This. Put your foot down man. Lead. Women like that.
Nice! AS? (who makes them?)
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