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DC itself is a retailer's nightmare, that's why most of the "better" stores are on the periphery/suburbia. That's why I suggest Friendship Heights as well. Lots of people with cash are there and it is already known for high end shopping. If you really want to locate in DC itself, you could try the Farragut area - Burberry, chas tyrwhytt, brooks bros., and j press are all there. I would not recommend 14th st corridor (hipster doofus ville with no money). Downside of...
This is a very shortsighted move on the part of AS which they will regret. Their shoes are not readily available in the US, for example, outside of online sales unless you happen to live near NYC. And yet there are customers across the country that know the AS exclusive brand and would buy their products. Leffot is not well stocked and he is not always easy to deal with. Rider doesn't really carry non-boot offerings. Bottom line: fewer sales, period. And the higher...
I agree this is insane. No one sells AS Exclusives in the US except Leffot that I know. Why kill off a sales channel? Not the brightest move on their part. Also, why the huge price difference between US and UK buyers? Why try to "protect" a price they don't charge their own domestic (UK) customers?
My vote: suit, shirt with no tie. Either v neck or no t-shirt. Sweater in Manhattan at NYE = Dad/old man style. Visible t-shirt = nerdy at best.
^^^ As someone who has done business extensively in Italy, has lived in Italy, is fluent in Italian and has lived in every continent except Antarctica, Italian mail is not on par with the rest of the FIRST world. This is a fact. Period. Now that said, THE PROBLEM BEING EXPERIENCED BY THE PERSON IN QUESTION IS NOT DUE TO THE ITALIAN POSTAL SERVICE. I AM CONFIDENT THAT IT IS US CUSTOMS/US "SECURITY". THAT IS THE RELEVANT FACT HERE. Ich, you are always ready to attack...
While Italian mail is among the worst in the world, I believe US customs is to blame here. They have become exceedingly bad of late - especially the past few years with the dawn of the police state. I have had packages sit there for weeks and weeks. USPS is clueless too when this happens. My advice, just be patient.
^^^ignore him Spoo, he's just trying to get a rise out of you. Even a blind man can see the belt is flawless.
^^^ if you want to try the freezing method, put shoe in a plastic bag (loosely) and place in freezer overnight. Then using a butter knife or other dull edge, carefully remove the gum.
Best way (although, might be tough if you have a small freezer) is to put them in the freezer overnight. The gum will just easily come off (unless you have mashed it into the leather sole).
^^^ Stitchy, that's a common problem with channeled soles. Just glue them back down.
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