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^^^Dude... First of all it's Piazza DEI MARTIRI (the martyrs) not "del martini"!!!!!
Nice! Who makes the shirt? Nice drakes tie...
Count me as another one for double cuffs with everything...
Guys--Foo is a pain in the ass. But, he has a point. He has been influenced by the Southern Italian (Neapolitan) aversion to white shirts--justly so--and has a great deal to say about dressing in "good taste". As Cayman says, a lot of win in his comments. If you don't like his opinion, feel free to post in WAYWRN. As has been noted before, this thread is to embrace a particular aesthetic, like it or not.
^^^^^+1 Very well stated Holdfast.
That's why I buy from Bodileys. No import duties and free shipping. Do you think the lower price from the C&J store makes it worthwhile? They charge shipping and I'm not sure they will help you around the import duties. What's your experience?
This. Though end of an era.
^^^if you're going to try to do another suit supply don't bother. Also, belragzzo - have you ever tried running a business in DC? It is a very business-hostile environment. That's why DC doesn't have much retail compared to other US cities. Probably one of the reasons Streets went out of business. I would think three times before actually locating in the district itself.
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