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Look folks, Fritzl and chogall are right. This bolded part above is incorrect. "Wing tip" refers to the W-like shape at the toe of a shoe. Full stop. This W pattern may involve (and often does involve) brogueing, etc., but does not, in and of itself have to do with brogueing (case in point, the "austerity" wing tip).For you guys to jump on Fritzl when he is correct (and not a mind reader since you folks are claiming he should have "known" what you meant) is uncalled for. ...
^^^Sugarbutch, is the tie in question a brooks bros.?
Ledbury, As a customer (I have 4 of your shirts now), I will say you should expand your DOUBLE CUFF shirt offerings. The fabrics are nice, the collar is nice, the fit is nice, but I wear DOUBLE CUFFS. I'm not sure why you have such an anemic collection of them. Look at all the other shirt sellers--Hilditch & Key, Turnbull, even lower end Charles Tyrwhitt--they all offer DOUBLE CUFF shirts. You have like 1 non-white/blue. I'd work on that before you expand to...
For all you noobs, DTO was a member here who copied Phat Guido's style very frequently (albeit, his attempts were a far cry from PG's style, and DTO didn't have his budget). Nevertheless, he managed to piss off Phat Guido, and now when someone shamelessly copies the look of another styfo'er, they "DTO" them.
^^^Dude... First of all it's Piazza DEI MARTIRI (the martyrs) not "del martini"!!!!!
Nice! Who makes the shirt? Nice drakes tie...
Count me as another one for double cuffs with everything...
Guys--Foo is a pain in the ass. But, he has a point. He has been influenced by the Southern Italian (Neapolitan) aversion to white shirts--justly so--and has a great deal to say about dressing in "good taste". As Cayman says, a lot of win in his comments. If you don't like his opinion, feel free to post in WAYWRN. As has been noted before, this thread is to embrace a particular aesthetic, like it or not.
New Posts  All Forums: