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Quote: Originally Posted by niidawg3 this thread is why i have no pets. +100000000 I don't understand how people want to live with animals--especially cats. Cats are total allergy-waiting-to-happen nightmares with no redeeming qualities whatsoever (unless you have mice, I guess). Dogs are a pain in the neck at best, and slobber-producing, fur shedding stinkers at worst.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sartorial1 Well, I suppose you are the new Vox. But remember, it ain't going to be an easy road to follow. Guys, PLEASE. Spoo is Spoo. Not Vox, not a new Vox, not an old Vox. He's SPOO! Vox is a guy who used to post here, and has decided to focus on other things. Period. There is no mantle being passed or otherwise.
Quote: Originally Posted by phoenixrecon They will not stop making the non iorn shirts anytime soon since it bassically makes up half of their sales Unfortunately, you are correct on this. I was in the Chevy Chase, MD Brooks Brothers store recently, and the manager said they are actually going to be carrying fewer and fewer all-cotton shirts in favor of more non-iron as that is where the demand is growing. Unbelievable.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Hey Spoo-- what camera did you use for this pic?
You'll pay duty with DHL
Just a word of warning, since you are my size (9.5D US). The 348 is a NARROW last--forget the length. Whereas I normally size down one full size in most E and F fitting English shoes, for the 348 I only size down half a size. So on the 337 last (Belgrave et al.) I take an 8.5E, for the 348 I take a 9E. I couldn't even put on the 8.5E in the 348 it was so tight. YMMV.
PSA: Ok folks, in case anyone is still having trouble: (to put an end to this teenage girl nostalgia) Like many very prolific posters who have an obvious passion for the subject matter, Vox jumped on styleforum and made it his own with interesting commentary and the depiction of his ample, high-end, highly customized wardrobe. However, after a few years of this, as people's interest in anything ebbs and flows and old guard posters yield to the flotsam and jetsam of...
Very sorry to see what happened. Unlike several on here that are snobbishly suggesting working button holes only belong on bespoke items, etc. and otherwise lambasting this poor chap, I would offer the following: (A) Go see Fields or similar highly competent tailor and get an opinion on what could be done (might be too late at this point) and the cost involved. (B) Provide cost to your original incompetent tailor saying this is what is costs to fix, and if she...
What's "sad" is that if you wore black jeans, a fitted black shirt, un-tucked, and those shoes out to a club, I bet you'd get compliments from the chicks...
Quote: Originally Posted by westinghouse Quote: Originally Posted by Essentio Daniel Craig is a nouveau riche lout. One never buttons the last button on a cardigan. I've always said he is the least refined James Bond. FWIW, he looks like an eastern European thug, not a polished upper class brit.
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