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Great shoes- AS?
Great suede tassel loafers! Who makes them?
These are the carminas from the armoury, right? They look more olive on the armoury site... I like the chocolate color much better.
Love the tie, Nii. Who makes it?
The situation is the following: after posting fits for years, the "old guard" has essentially stopped posting fits. They can blame the newcomers, etc., but the reality is, they have stopped posting. Hence, there is no critical mass of the types of dressers Matt would like to see. Nature abhors a vacuum. In the place of the "old guard", new "champions" have emerged. They are not to Matt's liking. But until several old guard members decide to come back in force and show...
Nice collar, Spoo--who makes this shirt?
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker SF meat up: who is who? (Sorry this is old, but just catching up...) @ SPOO-- You got the JL Chapels???? Where? @ Artoftime You really need to start posting again.
Quote: Originally Posted by spectre I understand you feel immune to criticism but I don't like any of your shoes. I didn't say the monks were cheap I said they look cheap, in general, compared to double monks - but that's because I prefer a slightly (slightly) sleaker look. PG's many shots of double monks are more compelling than single monks which looks sort of basic. I also understand you have been to Naples and have now been seduced by the...
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Fill in the blank : Bob Guccione, Tom Hanks, and Lino out for a stroll, Milan, 1982 FTFY
Quote: Originally Posted by ter1413 WAY too high! +1. Should cost around $75-$80 max. And it's readily done--I don't know why a tailor would refuse to do it.
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