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This has been my experience as well. I'm a 9.5 D for US, and almost always an 8.5 UK, but for BB archdale went with the 8 UK. It is a bit snug, but fits better than the 8.5 UK which was too large.
Range = $100 - $250. Average prob. around $150 - $175
Not so. O/O is very consistent, meticulous and deliberate about how he dresses; his clothes fit properly, and they are full-cut. This is very different from a noob dressing with ill-fitting "baggy" clothing. Two different things.
Nice! Who makes your monks, if I may?
Nice shoes IST! What are the brand and model?
Nice shoes IST! What are the brand and model?
Where did you get those? Did you have to special order them from C&J?thanks...
Yeah, but complimented by whom??? It has been discussed at length on this site that the proverbial man on the street and most women have no idea what constitutes quality menswear.
Who makes your shirt? Nice.
Ed. Like the shirt. One of yours?
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