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Not in your neck of the woods... C'mon in stitches - you can't take a little ribbing!
As a long time SFer it pains me to say this, and no offense meant to anyone who attended...but that had to be the worst-dressed meetup on record (although the heavy rains in the DC area that day are in part culpable). I bet if someone inquired as to why you folks were out on the town and you told them, they wouldnt believe it...I sincerely hope a dressier affair actually results in better dress by attendees! Please don't let DC live up to its reputation as a style black...
Is this one moderntailor as well? Love the collar
I actually specifically prefer the middle of the cuff.
The best, by far, in DC are Prestige. Their original location in silver spring (I know, an armpit) is particularly meticulous. Absolutely first rate--would trust any garment with them. That said, they are NOT cheap. A suit could run $40.
Question for Mac: Recently got a pair of Alden full straps in cigar shell, and noticed they are a bit "rough" seam-wise on the insides as to make them uncomfortable without socks. Do they soften up? I've seen you wear them without socks.
P.S. I own about ten Ledbury shirts. The doule cuffs used to be fine (even on the bigger side) now they are monstrous.
Another vote here against the Paul Bunyan-esque (comically large) cuffs! (I am talking about the double ("french") cuff shirts). I'm not buying any more shirts until this is fixed. They are fully an inch larger than most other brands I've compared and look and feel ridiculously large. They don't even fit properly in a suit jacket--they are scrunched inside! Not sure what they are thinking! Many guys don't even wear watches anymore (with the dawn of the cell phone),...
I like this shirt-- who makes it?
I seem to be jut the opposite. I prefer the spread and cutaway collars on all the shirts; dislike button downs altogether, but would like to see more of the shirts with double cuffs. I also wouldn't mind seeing more basic patterns. I like their classic fit myself, and really like their fabrics.
New Posts  All Forums: