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Actually, trouser leg opening is proportional to waist size. If you have a larger waist, a larger opening is going to look more proportionate all other things equal (assuming you yourself are proportionate, so if you are short and stocky, have huge feet, have a pot belly, etc. then the rule might not hold as well). Therefore, to me if you have a 34 waist you should have a 7.75 pant leg opening, 36 has an 8.0 and then scale accordingly.
I find the Keatons to be nicely slim-fitting, actually.
Excellent!Pingson: Way to consistently show how it's done... Who makes your shirt, BTW?
Normally I like your things, but this SC screams Jos A Bank...
Who sold it to you? Do they have any more? Is it new?Thanks!
Cleav I like the combo. Well done. Who makes the shoes (they look like C&J Cliffords)?
A little puzzled by the responses you're getting, and not sure what you're asking. For a wedding, what you have selected is inappropriate. You should wear at a minimum, a dark suit, white shirt, conservative tie (read dark w/ small pattern or silver-grey) and black shoes. Period. If you decide to stray from that norm, then do whatever you wish--it makes no difference whatsoever since you're rejecting norms of minimum etiquette as it is.
Newsflash-- I doubt many people here buy shoes for (1) long-term "investment" purposes or (2) to impress the masses. People on this site buy high end shoes because they LIKE them.
Not in your neck of the woods... C'mon in stitches - you can't take a little ribbing!
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