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Thanks for the replies. That's exactly what I was wondering. Who have you found does a good job, and can give trustworthy advice on what needs to be done?
bump - anyone?
Great thread. All the other Chicago alterations threads are quite old. However, this seems the most recent and comprehensive. Obviously it's Despos for bespoke. However, seems there's no clear cut answer for alterations. Reading through everything it looks like Maria at Golden Needle and Nick at Oak St. Tailors are the most liked (and have least negative reviews). Anyone use Maria at Golden Needle for significant alterations on a high end suit (i.e. bringing in...
Thanks for the feedback. I should also point out that A is a leather sole (with basically a toppy front), while B is a rubber sole. Both are channeled (harder to see in first pic).AB
Just curious, any particular reason you prefer that one? Maybe because it's slightly rounder/less elongated? I was actually leaning toward the first as I thought it's a little sleeker/"cooler" with the no upturn and slimmer sole profile. Thanks for the suggestion.
I've been searching for a nice, sleek black cap toe and just found these two at Nordstrom Rack for under $150 after tax. I know Magnanni gets disparaged a lot here, however, I've always liked their style and found them to use a high quality leather and be well constructed for the price (like Meermin and other Spanish made). To me they combine a Santoni like look with a Bologna construction like a Tremezzi. I much prefer those brands (sleeker) over more traditional...
Critique my sleek new oxfords... After months of tons of reading here, I've been searching for a new pair of high quality black cap toes. I'm a big fan of Santoni, Ferragamo Tramezza, Testoni, and many C&J (sleeker looks). I don't like AE, Alden, etc. Not for business/work setting. Please comment on the: 1 Style - yay or nay? 2 Fit - good? Without saying the make of these quite yet, I will say that they are easily resoleable and bought on sale for $200. Also, I can...
AAh, I see. Unfortunately, total is about $455 with ship. Best price I've seen on the Hallam, but still quite a bit over my price range.Yes, I think they have some very cool shoes. Prices are within my range but I really need a rubber sole, which they don't seem to offer (not a topy fan). Thanks for the suggestion anyway.
Thanks for the link. Unless I'm missing something, that site is showing the Hallam as $515 USD + ship?
Thanks for the suggestions!That's very disappointing to hear about the SF Fantino. I figured since they were Blake stitched rather than the cemented studio line, that at least the sole could be redone from reading various threads.
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