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<- willing to help proxy, from southern California.
interested in the RB3320...
If anyone has the Apolis Activism navy waxed bomber in a small and would like to sell it, I am interested, thanks.
I live by an Express and H&M in southern California area, i'm willing proxy without charging any convenience fee's. Bad economy, holiday season....just pay for stuff and its tax/shipping..
Quote: Originally Posted by breakz Are you looking for the jacket in a Small? Because Epaulet's site says it's still in stock...have you sent Mike a PM? Yeah I'm searching for a small, I've contacted Mike as well. Holiday season.. hasn't had time to update their site, he told me the smalls are gone..
Hey guys, anybody have any luck getting the navy waxed bomber jacket in a small lately? I seen this jacket go on sale for a pretty good price (350ish) but no smalls..checked AA, epaulet, luck. Thanks
Very Nice pair of boots, I am interested in them as well if they are still available
Hello, I'm a Newbie to the Forum and came across this thread. If this is still up for grabs, I would like to take you up on this offer thanks.
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