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Is this worth it? Or is it just obvious, like patching a pair of pants? Any other thoughts on saving the shoes with the damaged finish? And finally, does anyone have recommendations on where in New York to get these fixed?
Hey guys - Unfortunately I have three pairs of shoes that have accumulated damage over the last year or so. Is it possible to fix this damage? If so, where should I take them and how much will it cost? I live in NYC, but I'm also willing to ship them out if I can get a better result / value somewhere else in the country. #1 - These are actually the original, $150 Grensons that someone posted about here what now must have been 6+ years ago. As you can see, these have...
Ed - do you still have the 32's available? Tried PMing you. Also a question to Ed/general group - is the button underneath the first belt loop on the right intentional? This makes it a bit difficult to button, as you have to thread the flap underneath the loop. Or am I just crazy/doing something wrong?
im interested in #4 and #6, sent you a message!
Does LNC do a good job of giving you advice/telling you what needs to be done for a good fit? I know pretty much that I want a tailored look and how I want my pants to break, but I don't really know what needs to be done otherwise - will he be able to help with this or will I need to accurately tell him what to do? Also, this is the place on Baxter St?
does the stile suit have flaps on the pockets (i.e., are they just tucked in in the pictures)? edit: and just how light is the suit? you say summer but is it so light you couldn't wear in spring or fall?
you're thinking too much, just don't screw up too bad/too many times and you will get an offer likewise, just don't dress in a ridiculous manner and you'll be fine... no one is going to notice your briefcase unless you have like a yellow backpack or something crazy there was a kid here last year that wore these crazy khakis and super ill-fitting shirts, but we straightened him out and he was fine in the end edit: also if your picture is a reflection of your attitude,...
Quote: Originally Posted by sleekblackroadster can't find a good place for it in houston. i want to get the whole duck but everywhere i go if i order a whole duck they bring out bits of the meat already shredded and it never looks close to a whole duck. and the quality is just never top notch. usually always too dry for my tastes. we always went to sinh sinh, but I am not sure if it is authentic/good by an appreciator's standards tasted...
where does this hit you length-wise? also, what do you wear this with - acceptable with a suit?
How do C&Js sizes convert to US sizes? If I am an 11.5D in Allen Edmonds, what would this be in C&J size? An 11E I'm thinking?
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