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Some Apple fan must want this -_- Not what you normally see on the buy/sell board.. Currently on evilbay, but will take down for a reasonable offer. These sold for a lot back in the day on ebay. They sold out in minutes on the website during midnight releases. Doubt there are any more of these in existence. Pair this with an ipod shuffle...
SOLD (with return/refund option if it doesn't fit or is unsatisfactory in any way).
price drop.
price drop
price drop. this is nearing 75% off of retail price -_-
New pics added. The last 4 are new (taken with SLR) in the light next to a window. Hopefully will be a better representative of this $1000 Faconnable lambskin jacket! $280
Price drop
Price drop to 300
Sold. Thanks
price drop. interested in trades for 38R burberry trenchcoat or peacoat
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