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both sold
If I were in the market for a peacoat, it would definitely be this one (without having tried it on). Not because it's worn by Bond in the upcoming movie, but because it looks nice/fits nice. The details are nice, too. $695.. not terrible.. supposedly 150 sold out in pre-order, and 100 were re-issued....oh wow, if I am not mistaken--all sizes were available just 2 days ago when I...
it's really late - pulling an all-nighter for no good reason--have lab at 6AM. I was just commenting about how my wife hates taking pictures.fixed before the crack of dawn [[SPOILER]] would appreciate c&c on the fitment--especially the jeans--I'm gonna go have a few of my jeans hemmed pretty soon..
nice pic and outfit as well did you use a tripod and flash? [[SPOILER]]
Pics added. 2 with flash, 2 without. The hood is adjustable (and is separate from the scarf. Some people wear it over the hood, some people wear it under, and I think most just wrap it around the neck on top of the hood.
added measurements. price drop.
Both sweaters from Jcrew store and NOT the factory. $70 shipped, Paypal as gift or add 3%. I have sold a couple items on here, but only have one feedback to show for it. I have tons of other feedback on other forums such as head-fi and Canon dslr forums. If this doesn't sell in a few days, I'll list on ebay- there is one there right now in size SMALL that is bid up to $65 so far. FYI I could stand to lose some weight right now - I'm at about...
NOT altered in anyway. Size 38R. Purchased from Saks Fifth Avenue in Portland, Oregon (they're no longer open) Velvet/Velour-like, thin corduroy. Reason for selling: wanting to fund photography gear I've found it to be super versatile, although I only wore it a couple times. I tried it on with many different shirts and pants and shoes, though. Looks splendid (in my opinion) with slim / not-so-slim anything... gray dress pants, tan/khakis, jeans -...
like new (white version) hood scarf. Impossible to find now, Retail was $60 Shoot me an offer
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