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is this the burnt copper color?can't figure out what color this pant is....I asked on the website chat today too...they said it was the Caramel color. actually, just yesterday they had this picture for the chester brown color, but now they changed it to a picture of just the pants---it's hard to tell if it's the same now :-/also if I can get one denim or chambray shirt--which should it be? this $138 selvedge denim shirt?or the dark chambray or the light colored...
pardon me for saying this, but the first thing that popped to mind was "Bape" when I saw the camo. It looks good though
Two like new shirts that are size Medium. The orange shirt has a side venting system - you can unzip on the sides of the shirt to allow more breathability. The greyish/brown/white shirt has a zipper pocket. These fit like a "normal" medium. They're not a slim-fit. Both shirts retail price was about $50-60. Each: $15 shipped - for both - $25 shipped. The pants are size L. They are adjustable with an attached belt. Very rugged but comfortable pair of pants with...
I thought Ben Affleck was superb both as an actor and director in "The Town"good to see some people named Joseph Gordon-Leavitt in '07. I remember the guy from the brilliant 3rd rock from the sun series (which was highly under-acclaimed)JGL in The Lookout...50/50....Inception....The Dark Knight Rises...Looper. I didn't see Premium Rush, but I hear it's good..others: Christian Bale, Ryan Gosling--although he only has like 1 facial expression he uses for...
$45 - new pics added. Quite a unique hoodie which might fit/clash well with your clothes Wore it once or twice and washed it once. I'm 175-180 - 5'10" and this fits pretty slim on me. I would call it a Small by normal standards, or a slim medium. got quite a few compliments about the ninja stars actually I have another ninja hoody that I wear often. Retailed I believe about $190. This is a steal--just want some cash quick is why I'm selling it
price drop to $250.
both sold
If I were in the market for a peacoat, it would definitely be this one (without having tried it on). Not because it's worn by Bond in the upcoming movie, but because it looks nice/fits nice. The details are nice, too. http://www.selectism.com/2012/10/19/billy-reid-bond-peacoat-in-james-bond-007-skyfall/ $695.. not terrible.. supposedly 150 sold out in pre-order, and 100 were re-issued....oh wow, if I am not mistaken--all sizes were available just 2 days ago when I...
it's really late - pulling an all-nighter for no good reason--have lab at 6AM. I was just commenting about how my wife hates taking pictures.fixed before the crack of dawn
http://www.flickr.com/photos/hyogen82/8122995469/ [[SPOILER]] would appreciate c&c on the fitment--especially the jeans--I'm gonna go have a few of my jeans hemmed pretty soon..
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