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wow, tried this on and it fits like it should.. REALLY slim arm holes...... I'm a 38-40 and the Small was just a little too snug, and the M was maybe a tiny bit too big. I need to lose some pounds and the small would be perfect.The only thing I didn't like was that it was just a little too short. Too cropped of a peacoat, imo. It was $128 at the store and 30% off today. The quality looked pretty nice - at least as good as H&M's I'm sure.. Not THAT huge of a...
The new stuff has arrived on the website The 25% off $150 plus free shipping is in effect for one more day also. This is the shirt I really liked after trying it on. Looks way better than in this picture imo:
so this is the billy reid one? looks a little on the looser side especially the arm holes/sleeves. what size is this and what are the measurements, if you don't mind?I'd be interested in trading my D&G peacoat from last season 40R (50R) for a billy reid that fits me - 38ish in the chest. It's in my signature and retail was $1045.
I think the urban slim and 484 fits fit true to size also.
Ah this one is the denim one and is still available.
Also looks like I posted the cropped version above. This is the classic fit which also looks promising http://www.gap.com/webcontent/0005/550/536/cn5550536.jpg
wait--Is this the darker selvedge chambray shirt? coastal blue.. for some reason I thought it was darker. upon googling, I found this one: also selvedge chambray japanese cotton. maybe from a different season? http://www.lyst.com/clothing/jcrew-stone-blue-selvedge-chambray-utility-shirt/
no one likes the Gap peacoat above? I didn't get to try it on today. Here is the D&G peacoat I mentioned several days ago that I am selling. Will put on ebay in a week or so: http://www.styleforum.net/t/322222/d-g-dolce-gabbana-wool-peacoat-size-50-40-with-tags-retail-1045 and my signature. I'll take measurements and post actual pics pretty soon.
$450 including shipping - paypal. I have just one feedback here although a few successful transactions including a Burberry trenchcoat and Faconnable lambskin jacket The only alterations done are slight crop of the sleeves (I have normal length arms) and moved the buttons a little to make it a more snug closed fit. Sleeve length - 25.5" Professionally altered at the same place I bought it (Mario's in Portland) Exact same model as the one pictured. i will take some...
will do. the darker chambray is sold out now, though, I believe. Maybe some store has it in stock still..I tried on the 484 for the first time and I agree they ride up a little. My legs are pretty skinny but the thighs and calf area are pretty snug. I do like the slim urban fits as well, so maybe I'll stick to that..Also, I am used to getting 32x30 pants, but I may get 32x32 to be able to fold twice in the cuff..
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