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$100 price drop down to $600 shipped.......!
The sold out fair isle sweater is back on sale in size small.
added a grip of good photos of my D&G peacoat that's for sale (possible trade). Open to offers
I also have the size 9 or 9.5 matching "Sabbath" boots that I'd sell if anyone was seriously interested. I'll put this up on ebay pretty soon--need to free up some cash before black friday -_- Jacket is M, Pants are L. I am a 38-40 in a suit and wear 32/30 - 32/32 pants, but this should fit a wider range of sizes. Adjustable belts, cinches, etc... Interlocking pants and jacket so snow doesn't get in. worn just a couple times. In excellent to like new condition. No...
Hooded tshirt?
What peacoat is that, RFX?
Woo hoo thanks for the tip! I checked just now and it was in sale section. Only medium. On sale for $99.... Minus 30% with MUSTHAVE code. Plus $8.95 shipping. I was waived shipping after talking to the online rep on my last order so I don't mind so much that I had to pay it.$79.99 total, regularly $138So...
$15 isn't bad.. Will they make the sleeves slimmer also for that price?
Whoa.... Maybe I'll see some pop up on eBay then.. I wish I had seen the navy dot twill bd shirt in e sale section! I want a medium if anyone has one to sell
too trendy? by itself then?
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