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I think this makes you look kinda like a penguin I know a lot of people here dig the pants, but they seem to make your legs look short compared to your upper half
good to know looks like I'll be getting it afterall. 30% off of the $128 so it looks like it does in the pic?
thanks for the input. I wasn't trying to falsely advertise this as a Burton x LV--rather, draw attention to the pattern Sorry if I went overboard I do think retail was about $500 total though. in any case, I am hesitant to sell both for $200 and will most likely keep it
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll see if I can ask them to price match (doubtful...but I've had good luck with their customer service so far, so might as well try).By the way, how do you like it? I think someone else said that the color is not as blue in real life... a little more gray?I also JUST noticed that this sweater has elbow patches.. hmm. The online rep says she'll price match for me
was I just hallucinating, or did this jump in price from like $130ish to $230?? I guess $130 doesn't make sense since it's "wallace and barnes"....but still I could've sworn........................
Sold on the fleabay
Tie sold to tdzk4ever
dropped to 530...dangerously low
Price drop
Sold to rhalliwell
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