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$495 including shipping - paypal. I have just one feedback here although a few successful transactions including a Burberry trenchcoat and Faconnable lambskin jacket. I have almost 1000 positive ebay transactions and tons of other forum feedbacks including canon forums, head-fi audiophile forums, and more. The only alterations done are slight crop of the sleeves (I have normal length arms) and moved the buttons a little to make it a more snug closed fit. Sleeve length -...
drop to 515
Burton belts? No, sorry
My peacoat...more than 50% off. Worn just a couple times.. I daresay this is a nicer peacoat than the billy reid one.... $515....... http://www.styleforum.net/t/322222/new-pics-added-d-g-dolce-gabbana-wool-peacoat-size-50-40-with-tags-retail-1045
I am sad I wasn't able to get the Wallace and Barnes cable cardigan--it sold out really quick.... Even after they hiked the price up from $128 to $225......! They were willing to do a price match for me plus the 30% off.....but no Medium available I've tried the 484 fit in size 32x32 which is my normal size and found it to be a little too tight in the thighs. So I asked them how much bigger in the thighs the next size up would be and it turns out a little less than...
niiice. details please?
it's too bad jcrew's bayswater peacoat doesn't come in a slim fit. Some of their other coats come in slim...like their Toggle coat.
I think this makes you look kinda like a penguin I know a lot of people here dig the pants, but they seem to make your legs look short compared to your upper half
good to know looks like I'll be getting it afterall. 30% off of the $128 so it looks like it does in the pic?
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