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don't have any feedback here, but I have tons of feedback on Talk Tennis Warehouse and PBNation forums under the same nickname as here. About 800 positive feedback on Ebay under eenamiohyo. 50R (European) so it's a 40R 63% cotton 37% polyamide lining 100% cotton, sleeve lining 100% polyester This has NOT been altered in any way. I believe it was purchased from Nordstrom. I want to sell because I rarely wear this and lost 40lbs so I could use a size smaller. I also...
sheesh. are their clothes even made in japan?
Oic. Good to know Maybe their brand name is copying nike drifit...heh
thanks for the views.....................no opinion here? I think I'm leaning towards the snorkel jacket or the black on black polar windcheater. again, this is a gift and it has to be from superdry..
http://www.superdry.com/mens/jackets/details/30800/hooded-polar-windcheater Hooded windcheater black on black or contrasting color embroidered brand logo? Or blue one? http://www.superdry.com/mens/jackets/details/30148/hooded-polar-windcheater Non hooded version? Maybe black / hazard red? http://www.superdry.com/mens/jackets/details/33566/technical-windcheater Or this more expensive $330 one I could get also...a cool looking snorkel...
[/I]http://www.superdry.com/mens/jackets#limit=200 have a friend in the UK who is getting me a gift (from Superdry) and asked me to choose.... I've never tried on superdry before, so suggestions on sizing would be helpful also. I am about 38R suit size...5'10-170lbs.. i sorta fluctuate from 170-185lbs. Usually wear a Medium in most men's clothing.. so many of these jackets look the same.. and are around the same price... definitely don't want a puffer down-filled...
i have a jcrew medium thinsulate bayswater peacoat for sale on ebay now. search for it
jcrew peacoat Med with thinsulate http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...STRK:MESELX:IT
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