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is this from Flight of the Conchords?
Where is my boomstick!?
open to reasonable offer...
THAT hideous and undesirable?!
pea coat experts, at what price is my D&G peacoat in my sig gonna get sold?? Thanks! http://www.styleforum.net/t/322222/d-g-dolce-gabbana-wool-peacoat-size-50-40-with-tags-retail-1045
At least in the picture you have pretty narrow shoulders for the rest of your body. Can be improved with pushups
The non Wallace Barnes one has a smaller check.
agreed.... I've pretty much realized never to pay full price at Jcrew They're awesome about matching prices also... I was finally able to get the Wallace and Barnes Cable cardigan for $90 because for a while it was probably mispriced at $128......then they raised the price to $220-225? They were willing to just take me at my word (i think)...and give me $30% off and free shipping off the $128 price--making it $89.............even a couple weeks after their 30% + free...
I got the non wallace and barnes red/black check shirt for around $21 including student discount..normall 75? You got the CPO shirt for $30?!
Not sure why pictures aren't uploading. will be up soon.. Also. look in my signature--i decided to switch this listing to SWD. It can easily be dressed down. My internet is uploading at an extremely slow rate right now--there are like 24 pictures total
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