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Hmm, when searching for the number on the tag on google, a bunch of fake Burberry looking Chinese sites pop up... 3630257 burberry. I could be wrong.
Price drop to $170
http://us.burberry.com/lightweight-technical-car-coat-p38730531 for cheap I like how simple and plain it is....and slim fit thanks!
this...! http://www.jcrew.com/mens_category/shirts/patternandprintedshirts/PRDOVR~22100/22100.jsp
has anyone mentioned the faded pin dot blue shirt? I saw it in the store today, but the picture isn't up yet online (the item is). Looks like a faded, lightweight, version of the dot twill from a couple seasons ago. I like it even more than my dot twill shirt. I think it's $88 but it's 25% off in-store right now.
does anyone have any idea what model of glasses these are? I'm pretty sure they're Ray-bans...but according to this, they aren't the clubmasters which he's worn before. http://www.sunglassesid.com/forum/topic/please-identify-these-joseph-gordon-levitt-eyeglasses.html sorry if wrong forum
last price drop. $450 shipped. w. o. w.
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