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price drop 7/8 on Prada pants
I'm preparing to get in another batch of MOP buttons from the factory in Italy and thought I'd open this one up to the forum to see if there was anyone out there interested in custom color Mother of Pearl buttons in the "AK" style (see my sales thread for details on the blue AK's). This would work especially well if we had consensus on a few colors as my minimum order quantity is about 10 shirt sets. I was thinking I would just take the requests up front and that...
Drop 7/5 on Ricci shirt
I had a TM Lewin shirt with some crummy plastic buttons on it and decided to upgrade them to the "AK" Mother of Pearl buttons. Did this awhile back but haven't gotten around to posting photos until now. Also, I had picked up an OCBD shirt from a board member on B&S and decided to swap those out for the 4mm MOP's. I thought this one was pretty cool since I went with a light blue thread for some contrast. The last few button upgrades I've done have also been experiments...
Added Parke and Ronen gear on 7/3.
Quote: Originally Posted by deez nuts i cant edit my original post to add new items, did i do something wrong? http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=239468 Well, it looks like a couple weeks back you did bump it with a response that just said "replied to your PM's!" which is not a valid reason for bump. However, more likely is that you started this thread back in April and the time period has expired on being able to edit it. You...
Added Prada pants on 6/30!
price drop 6/30 on Nice jacket
Quote: Originally Posted by porschemad911 S. Paul: fantastic transaction (R&B RB15 jeans) ... really helpful seller, great communication, jeans exactly as described. Thanks, porschemad911!! Great transaction, you've been an excellent buyer, flawless communication - much appreciated!! cheers, Sean Paul
price drop 6/20 on Ricci, offers accepted, looking for a good home for this nice shirt!
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