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Added Prada pants on 6/30!
price drop 6/30 on Nice jacket
Quote: Originally Posted by porschemad911 S. Paul: fantastic transaction (R&B RB15 jeans) ... really helpful seller, great communication, jeans exactly as described. Thanks, porschemad911!! Great transaction, you've been an excellent buyer, flawless communication - much appreciated!! cheers, Sean Paul
price drop 6/20 on Ricci, offers accepted, looking for a good home for this nice shirt!
price drop 6/14 Nice Collective
Tang, those are some good points on differences between Trocus and MOP shell. Ataturk, thanks for the kind words! Always great to hear from satisfied customers. FYI, I posted a new sale thread detailing some new color MOP buttons I just got in, plus all the usual ones I sell. Check the link in my sig if interested. Cheers, Sean Paul
Quote: Originally Posted by aleksandr Pretty sure a bump for a restock is acceptable, there may have been people who wanted to buy previously but couldn't cause stock was out. As far as a price increase goes, if it relates to new items I think that's fine, notwithstanding that other similiar/identical items have been sold in the past. That's just my 2c of course. Appreciate your feedback, but I can't see how a bump for restock is...
sweet, bumping your own thread to say you're "restocked" and also introducing a price increase is acceptable? http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...38#post4534338
New styles have arrived! I now have the AK button available in Smoke color as well as a very limited run of Midnight Blue! One of my best repeat customers put in a special request for the blue AK's. Since I was not able to order enough in that color for my bulk pricing, the few shirt sets I do have available are going to be priced higher. I still have stock of all my other MOP button offerings below as well. Style 1: The "AK" These buttons are considered by many...
sweet shoes - PM sent! SP
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