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Added Parke and Ronen gear on 7/3.
Quote: Originally Posted by deez nuts i cant edit my original post to add new items, did i do something wrong? http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=239468 Well, it looks like a couple weeks back you did bump it with a response that just said "replied to your PM's!" which is not a valid reason for bump. However, more likely is that you started this thread back in April and the time period has expired on being able to edit it. You...
Added Prada pants on 6/30!
price drop 6/30 on Nice jacket
Quote: Originally Posted by porschemad911 S. Paul: fantastic transaction (R&B RB15 jeans) ... really helpful seller, great communication, jeans exactly as described. Thanks, porschemad911!! Great transaction, you've been an excellent buyer, flawless communication - much appreciated!! cheers, Sean Paul
price drop 6/20 on Ricci, offers accepted, looking for a good home for this nice shirt!
price drop 6/14 Nice Collective
Tang, those are some good points on differences between Trocus and MOP shell. Ataturk, thanks for the kind words! Always great to hear from satisfied customers. FYI, I posted a new sale thread detailing some new color MOP buttons I just got in, plus all the usual ones I sell. Check the link in my sig if interested. Cheers, Sean Paul
Quote: Originally Posted by aleksandr Pretty sure a bump for a restock is acceptable, there may have been people who wanted to buy previously but couldn't cause stock was out. As far as a price increase goes, if it relates to new items I think that's fine, notwithstanding that other similiar/identical items have been sold in the past. That's just my 2c of course. Appreciate your feedback, but I can't see how a bump for restock is...
sweet, bumping your own thread to say you're "restocked" and also introducing a price increase is acceptable? http://www.styleforum.net/showthread...38#post4534338
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