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Quote: Originally Posted by JohnGalt 2xist Interesting - are the 2xist shirts really a slim-cut? I'm sort of in the same situation as the OP, still have not found a truly great fitting undershirt/plain t-shirt. Seems like I'm always in between the Medium and Large sizes because the Med is a bit tight at the shoulders but the Large has way too much fabric around the waist. Thanks to the members with suggestions here, I'll have to look for...
Quote: Originally Posted by bigbris1 Woke up this morning to an OUT FOR DELIVERY msg, then the wife just called & said they were delivered. YES! Congrats! However, there is still a chance that UPS will send you a bill in the mail about a week or two later. Perhaps you slipped through if they re-evaluated the category and found no import duty was applicable - but usually UPS will get their fee somehow, which can be the nominal $25 or could...
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles QQ: Where will tjhese ship from? US ? Overseas? thanks. The buttons will ship from the U.S. in bubble mailers - Customs Duties and such have already been paid. So if you are in the U.S. shipping will be fast and inexpensive. I will also ship outside of the U.S. for as minimal a shipping cost as possible for members. Thanks, Sean Paul
For those that are interested, I've taken measurements on 76 pieces of each button size and found that the standard deviation for the 16L (which is a 4.0mm button) is 0.0307mm, which is less than 1%! The 14L button is a 3.5mm button and the standard deviation is 0.0309mm, also less than 1%. So there is an extremely high level of consistency in thickness as well as pearly white natural color in these buttons. Cheers, Sean Paul
Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 My experieince with UPS is different. In December, I took delivery of 2 G&G shoes via UPS. Got hit with a $43 custom duty...no brokerage fee Interesting, thanks for sharing. The UPS rep I dealt with seemed to indicate that if they get involved with clearing your package through Customs, the fees apply. Cool that you only owed import duties. As there are many, many categories of import, do you know...
Quote: Originally Posted by Michael Ay329 Fed Ex and UPS get dinged with fines by U.S. Customs if they do not properly process import duties. I have never heard of their financial incentive via a processing fee. I don't know about the "dinged by U.S. Customs" part, but UPS definitely has a financial interest in processing import duties - they get to charge a minimum of $25 brokerage fee to the receiving party for doing so. Also, there...
Definitely agree with what others are saying here - for very high quality cottons you can expect that even his cost may be $20 to $40 per meter (or more!), with somewhere around two meters being needed for an average shirt? I've been looking around lately at some fabrics and Sea Island, for example, can be had for about $24/m...but then those other factors such as weave come into play and turn fabric selection into a maze of options. Sean Paul
mccvi, thanks for your perspective - I totally didn't see it coming across that way but now that I re-read my posts I see that they could appear as other than intended! Appreciate the heads-up and will definitely keep that in mind in the future. thanks, Sean Paul
I don't think the Edit feature will let me replace my original button pictures in the first post so here they are - these do a better job of showing off their brilliance! It is very tricky to capture the light at the correct angles to show it off but I hope this helps. Enjoy, Sean Paul
Quote: Originally Posted by Fishball Lovely buttons! Thanks Fishball! Shipping information updated, after sending an order out I found that the cost for CONUS less than originally anticipated. Packaging in these bubble mailers is perfect - very robust. New (much improved) photos coming soon today! Thanks, Sean Paul
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