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PM sent for Valentino! SP
PM sent about the Isaia. Those shoes are fantastic, wish I had normal size feet but I have yet to see any 13D's cross the B&S lately. SP
Quote: Originally Posted by SwB411 Do you know how the thickness of these compares to Borrelli buttons? Thinking it wouldn't be a bad idea to buy some backups and I need to know if these are comparable in thickness. Any insight appreciated Although I do not own any Borrelli shirts, everything I have read and heard indicates that these 4mm thick MOP buttons should be a match for the ones used by Borrelli. Most of the information I have found...
PM incoming on belt #1. I do not own any Tumi belts - how do the sizes run? True? thanks, Sean Paul
Updated pricing for shipping - just $1 for Continental U.S.! As orders have gone out I have been able to fine tune the shipping within the States. Will ship anywhere else as well, simply PM for details. Thanks, SP
Those eBay buttons might be pretty cool, the price is certainly right. The first link you sent seems maybe a little more appropriate but that's just my opinion. Also, there is a seller on this forum, Nauterlaut II, who is doing a for-sale on nice thick Horn buttons right now. However, it may only be for black and deep brown colors so if you want to stick with navy then I'd say give those eBay ones a shot. Seems like you got the blazer for a great price, why not try it...
If I was just going to wash one pair of jeans with Woolite Dark, I'd use about a teaspoon or a little under - a capful is waayy to much for one item and only a little water in your sink (or tub). Splattered, maybe try another wash to see if a second attempt helps the smell? Sean Paul
Looks like a great blazer! Do you have any other pics that show the buttons currently on it? SP
I have a couple shirts like this too, made by a tailor in Malaysia a couple years back when I was over there for work and didn't know any better. In fact, I'm wearing one of them today and ironed it this morning, turned the dial just a touch lower than usual. I always wash them on gentle cycle in Cold water and hang dry. The stays in this shirt may indeed be glued in there but after about ten washes they are still firmly in place. No issues yet with any marks...
Great photos and a very stylish gent indeed! Thank you for sharing and may the rest of his time be peaceful. Best to you and your family, Sean Paul
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