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Update 9/21/12 - all buttons shown in this thread are still available!
Update as of 9/20/12: all buttons in both of my threads are still available!! Horn suit buttons coming soon... cheers, SP
Per request, here are some additional pictures of the AK Smoke and Standard Smoke buttons. Both styles have lighter (more shiny) and darker (less shiny, more opaque) versions that can be sorted upon request. The Standard is more defined between those two colorations than the AK. All MOPs have their own natural variations in the nacre and it is hard for my amateur photo skills to capture but I hope this helps. From Left to Right: AK darker then AK lighter, 18L bottom...
Dark green horn? I haven't seen any offerings like that. I'm looking at just a couple of horn choices to start out, light brown and dark brown probably. Did you perhaps mean a dark green Mother of Pearl suit button?SP
I'm actually working on suit jacket buttons in Horn and MOP now! I'm evaluating the choices and colors and the new buttons should be available in about a month.cheers,SP
Beautiful shirt!!! Thanks for posting these pics, it is always great to see the end results from customers!! I love the parallel stitching and perfect color matching of the thread. Stunning.
sick jacket, do you have any actual measurements for it? sleeve, waist, pitt to pitt, shoulders, etc. thx SP
Correct, I'm not looking for cheap fabrics, just the opposite - which is why those China mills weren't really working for this. Thanks for the tip and I'll do some searching on that.cheers,SP
Actually, no, I have not! Didn't really think about that type of angle. Searching around the web usually leads to those websites that show a ton of companies from China willing to supply fabrics in bulk.In terms of the amount, I say bulk but yeah the reality is at this point I'm only talking about 20 yards, 50 yards, 100 yards, those kind of orders.thxSP
I tried posting this on the MC forum but didn't get anywhere so perhaps I'll have better luck on SW&D where truly excellent tees are appreciated. I'm looking for a source of Pima or ELS cotton that is knit, such as used for undershirts. Does anybody out there have a source? The few online places I found just do not seem to have the correct thing. Some very highly regarded undershirts, such as those made by Zimmerli, Hanro and Suspel, may use any range of fabrics from...
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