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I will send you a PM now with the details!Please note that all the MOP shirt buttons in this thread are still available; however, the blue and green buttons from the other thread are currently sold out.Thanks.
Update - only one set of Green AK's left.
Great info, thanks for your reply!
AlaraShirt, were your Mother of Pearl buttons of the thinner variety? Hearing that you moved away from them because of a lot of breakage sounds strange to me, as thicker MOP buttons of high quality usually do not chip or break unless mistreated at the dry cleaners.Is this "Mother of Pearl Blend" a natural shell material of some sort?thanks,SP
Thanks for the reminder! I just sold off the rest of the blue buttons yesterday and have now updated the thread to reflect this. cheers.
PM sent and thanks for your interest!cheers,SP
Price drop on all Buffalo horn buttons!
Thanks for your interest! Yes, I still have all the white and smoke MOP buttons shown in my thread available in stock. Please let me know if you have any further questions, cheers,SP
Hello, the answer is Yes. I only offer real Mother of Pearl shell buttons. They are among the thickest available anywhere and are cut from Australian oyster shell.The backs are made "clean" during the drilling and polishing phase at the factory in Italy, which means there are no rough shell pieces left. You may be thinking of Trocas shell buttons, which are much more likely to have those dull pieces left on the back. Some lesser quality MOP buttons may also have...
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