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Added Ricci shirt
Price drop 12/14 on brown Zegna
Price Drop 12/13 on red Zegna
Added three new shirts on 12/12/10. cheers, SP
great knits - PM senttt
Price drop 12/9 on Brioni
drop on charvet 12/7
Price Drop Brioni shirt on 12/6
All shirts BNWT. Paypal and Google Checkout both accepted. Please PM with any questions or offers! All shirts with FREE shipping CONUS; PM for International Kiton dress shirt, white with very thin stripes of blue and white. Size 15.75 (40), 100% cotton, no CP, French cuffs, wide (20L) Kiton MOP buttons with crow's foot stitching! MSRP $495. Measurements (in inches): Pitt to Pitt - 23 Shoulders (across the back) - 20 Length (in back, from collar to bottom...
Have you tried reading through the pinned thread at the top of this forum called The Definitive Guide to Slim Fit Shirts? It's a huge thread but you can probably get good information quickly from it just by reading the last dozen pages or so. SP
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