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Price drop 12/9 on Brioni
drop on charvet 12/7
Price Drop Brioni shirt on 12/6
All shirts BNWT. Paypal and Google Checkout both accepted. Please PM with any questions or offers! All shirts with FREE shipping CONUS; PM for International Kiton dress shirt, white with very thin stripes of blue and white. Size 15.75 (40), 100% cotton, no CP, French cuffs, wide (20L) Kiton MOP buttons with crow's foot stitching! MSRP $495. Measurements (in inches): Pitt to Pitt - 23 Shoulders (across the back) - 20 Length (in back, from collar to bottom...
Have you tried reading through the pinned thread at the top of this forum called The Definitive Guide to Slim Fit Shirts? It's a huge thread but you can probably get good information quickly from it just by reading the last dozen pages or so. SP
Quote: Originally Posted by david123 I haven't asked that yet. That wouldn't be ideal because either I send in buttons for each order, which is a pain for me, or I send a bunch and ask them to keep them sitting around for my future orders, which is a little unreasonable to them. But I will ask if we can't get more confirmed interest. David, there is another solution as well. If MT was truly interested in providing nicer buttons for their...
the Graduate was on a few days back, followed by Taxi Driver. i also got reacquainted with Fight Club this weekend.
Quote: Originally Posted by david123 I PMed the seller you mentioned and he referred me to his web site, http://www.prestigebuttons.com/. I just placed an order for a single button in 18L, 16L-3.2, 16L-4. These seem really promising. I will report back my impression when I receive them. He also said he is willing to work on a bulk discount with companies like MT. Your excellent buttons shipped out yesterday via USPS First Class so you...
Great selling experience with funkdoobi - totally legit buyer. Thanks Robbie! SP
Quote: Originally Posted by PocketCircle I have some ties I haven't sold in two months so I can't update that thread. Can I put them in a new thread with some drops applied on the move? I believe the answer to this is Yes, and also it is recommended to ask the Mods to delete your original (outdated) thread. cheers, SP
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