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Quote: Originally Posted by Coburn 1988 Electrical Engineering $45,000. Today it would probably be $60 - 65,000 That's pretty solid for an EE in '88!! straight outta college in early 2001, Electrical Engineering, $55k.
price drop 12/21 on Ricci.
Quote: Originally Posted by PocketCircle Another suggestion for the mods: It should be against the rules to try to sell used items without explicitly mentioning that they are used and what kind of condition the item s are in. I see that several sellers are trying to sell used stuff like this. +1,000. Not sure how to enforce that better, other than a buyer reporting it into the mods and then the mods have to spend more time dealing out some...
price drop 12/20 on Brioni
price drop 12/18 on Ricci
Quote: Originally Posted by Taimur Is the Charvet also brand new with tags? What are the exact measurements of the collar? I know you mention it's a 16"/41cm, but I'm curious as to whether there's some allowance for shrinkage etc. Thanks. Yes, Charvet is also BNWT - the tag is tucked inside the front buttons in the middle. The collar measures 16" exactly from center of button shank to the closest edge of the buttonhole, and 16.25" to...
Price drops 12/16 on Ricci and Brioni!
additional drops on both Zegnas
drop 12/15 on kiton. @nesse - thanks!!
Added Ricci shirt
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