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price drop 1/26 on Ricci
price drop 1/17 on zegna
price drop 1/7 on brioni, Charvet and tan Zegna SOLD offers accepted as well.
first episode and the fists started flying already...is anyone surprised? lol. Sammy is such a waste of time on there
price drop 1/4 on Brioni
Price drop Ricci 12/28. @spefactor - sent you a PM yesterday! cheers, SP
price drop 12/24 on Brioni! It's Xmas eve, stop hiding from your family and surfing SF!
Quote: Originally Posted by Raoul Duke How many threads are we allowed to have? I try to keep everything to one thread, but obviously, it would be advantageous to have many separate threads so that my titles can include all my specific items. I'm not exactly sure as I thought that the idea was to keep them mostly consolidated - but right now on the first page there are a couple people with 3-4 separate threads each. Do they really need...
price drops 12/22 on both Zegnas
Quote: Originally Posted by Coburn 1988 Electrical Engineering $45,000. Today it would probably be $60 - 65,000 That's pretty solid for an EE in '88!! straight outta college in early 2001, Electrical Engineering, $55k.
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