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Quote: Originally Posted by M3Rocket I wouldn't doubt it that there are some happy customers who got good buttons. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Just FYI, since my "review," I've been PM'ed by people who have had similar "quality" issues with his buttons. Often times, he'll send an extra or two, and that seems to soothe some buyers. In my case, he did send one extra 18L. But I'd rather have quality buttons of the quantity I ordered, rather...
Original thread post too old to edit! Price drop 2/11 on Zegna: $106 -> 100 thx SP
Great thread, MountainMan! A couple of you guys are spot-on with your King info and opinions. The Long Walk was always one of my favorite short stories of his, that one could be good. I guess like anything, if a movie adaptation was done right it would be great. But trying to cram some of his epics into 2hr movies just isn't going to work. The Dark Tower starts out as one of his greatest works and yes, right at the point when he starts putting himself into the...
price drop 2/2 on Brioni
price drop 02/01
price drop 1/29
price drop 1/28 on Zegna
Paypal and Google Checkout both accepted. Please PM with any questions or offers! All shirts with FREE shipping CONUS; PM for International Rag & Bone Short Sleeve shirt, 100% cotton, Made in the USA, blue/red, white metal R&B buttons as usual, great details and construction. BNWT, MSRP $230. Measurements (in inches): Pitt to Pitt - 20 Chest 2" below Pitt to Pitt - 19.5 Shoulders (across the back) - 18 Length (in back, from collar to bottom center of shirt)...
price drop 1/26 on Ricci
price drop 1/17 on zegna
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