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Update 12/15/2014: All the buttons in this thread are still available. Just wanted to send a quick update and let everyone know that when it comes to the smoke color buttons, if you happen to have a preference of very dark and more opaque, I can sort those out for you so just let me know when you order. cheers, SP
how did I get sucked into watching this all aftn?!! I missed the last one but read about it afterwards in this thread - awesome idea and addicting way to post sale items! SP
Given that this is your first post and you just joined the forum now, this is probably a troll comment and not a real question (especially given that I already provide details above about the horn and someone else asked about buffalo in this thread as well).However, just in case you didn't read anything above and meant well, the quick answers are: yes, this is real genuine buffalo horn, sourced from water buffalo in India that are raised for meat and hide already. The...
Hi there,Sorry for the delayed reply, I was traveling in Italy for the past couple weeks and didn't have a whole lot of internet access at various times!Beautiful looking jacket in that photo! However, the blue MOP buttons in that photo are different than the ones I have. The style and thickness of my blue MOP buttons is made for shirts only. They are not available in the same style for the sizes you would need for a jacket (and would not be the proper thickness...
The Mother of Pearl shell is from Australia and the buttons are drilled and polished in Italy. In the case of these blue buttons, the finishing process includes dying them the blue color. Mother of Pearl takes and holds dye extremely well - it does not wash or bleed out, nor does it look white if you manage to chip it somehow.Hope that helps!Cheers,SP
Blue MOPs are back in stock!
Price drop on all horn buttons for SF members! All button are in stock - bringing in larger quantity orders from Italy has allowed me to lower the price a little bit again. Cheers!
I will send you a PM now with the details!Please note that all the MOP shirt buttons in this thread are still available; however, the blue and green buttons from the other thread are currently sold out.Thanks.
Update - only one set of Green AK's left.
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