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No, sorry - only the Saucer is available in overcoat size buttons.Cheers,SP
Thanks for your interest!A full set of either green or blue MOP Ultimate buttons would be:8pcs size 18L Green or Blue Ultimate MOP x $2.50 = $203pcs size 16L Green or Blue Ultimate MOP x $2.35 = $7.05Subtotal is $27.05 plus either $3 shipping if CONUS or $7 if International.Hope that helps, please let me know if you have any further questions!Best,Sean Paul
Rob, Thank you very much for the kind words - I'm truly happy to have been able to contribute to something as meaningful as this! What a beautiful jacket and incredible detail work by your father. Thank you for sharing this personal story and photos with us, and what a great way to honor his memory. I hope you will be able to wear this and remember all the best things about your father for many, many years to come. Best, Sean Paul
PM sent!
Up for sale is an excellent pair of To Boot New York black leather cap-toe oxfords in size 13! The style name is "Adam Derrick". The leather is in fantastic condition and the shoes were kept with cedar trees. I had a shoe cobbler replace the entire sole of these shoes with his best leather dress bottoms that are made in Italy. The heel is half rubber and half leather, for some grip. The stock bottoms that came with these shoes were actually not very good which was...
***SOLD**** Up for sale is a Brand New With Tags pair of Rivet Chino 10oz Indigo Sea Canvas pants by Epaulet, size 32! I bought these and didn't get around to evaluating them until it was too late, but they don't fit me that well so my loss is your gain. Made in the USA, most of you are familiar with Epaulet but I will take measurements later if needed. Really cool, thick pants with the canvas selvedge stripe. CONUS shipping for $10 (or less if you live in the SouthEast)...
Update 8/14/2016 - all buttons in stock and still available!
Hello, thanks for your interest! Yes, all buttons shown in this thread as well as the colored MOP and Horn button threads are still available. Please PM with your specific style/size/color needs and I'll help get you the excellent buttons that you need!Cheers,Sean Paul
Here you go!Black Saucer Horn buttons in size 48L (30.5mm diameter or 1.20 inches)Thickness is 6.8mm. Will add info and photos into the main body of thread up above.Cheers,Sean Paul
Beautiful coat!! Epaulet always has some great stuff. It's hard to tell from those photos if the horn buttons are just super shiny on the outer edge and it's catching the light when the pictures are taken, or if they have a metal ring around the outside of the horn. Either way, I don't have anything exactly like that. However, I did just get in some large overcoat size buttons (50L, I think, need to double check) that match my Black Saucer style horn buttons! Those,...
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