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Update 8/14/2016 - all buttons in stock and still available!
Hello, thanks for your interest! Yes, all buttons shown in this thread as well as the colored MOP and Horn button threads are still available. Please PM with your specific style/size/color needs and I'll help get you the excellent buttons that you need!Cheers,Sean Paul
Here you go!Black Saucer Horn buttons in size 48L (30.5mm diameter or 1.20 inches)Thickness is 6.8mm. Will add info and photos into the main body of thread up above.Cheers,Sean Paul
Beautiful coat!! Epaulet always has some great stuff. It's hard to tell from those photos if the horn buttons are just super shiny on the outer edge and it's catching the light when the pictures are taken, or if they have a metal ring around the outside of the horn. Either way, I don't have anything exactly like that. However, I did just get in some large overcoat size buttons (50L, I think, need to double check) that match my Black Saucer style horn buttons! Those,...
Green Ultimate MOP are back in stock! I will post up photos soon. Same specs/sizes/pricing as Blue Ultimate MOP. cheers, SP
Thanks for your interest, however, I do not have any MOP buttons for suit jackets. My other thread has buffalo horn suit buttons for sale in black and brown, though.I did look into MOP suit buttons but the demand seems to be very low and the cost was quite high so I decided against it.cheers,SP
Update 12/15/14: All buffalo horn buttons in this thread are still available! Just a quick note - any white lines or streaks you may see in the photos above or in the buttons you receive are natural striations in the horn from the animal itself. This is part of what gives horn it's natural and unique look as a suit button. If you have a preference one way or the other regarding these striations, please make note of it when you order. Additionally, if you happen to...
Update 12/15/2014: All the buttons in this thread are still available. Just wanted to send a quick update and let everyone know that when it comes to the smoke color buttons, if you happen to have a preference of very dark and more opaque, I can sort those out for you so just let me know when you order. cheers, SP
how did I get sucked into watching this all aftn?!! I missed the last one but read about it afterwards in this thread - awesome idea and addicting way to post sale items! SP
Given that this is your first post and you just joined the forum now, this is probably a troll comment and not a real question (especially given that I already provide details above about the horn and someone else asked about buffalo in this thread as well).However, just in case you didn't read anything above and meant well, the quick answers are: yes, this is real genuine buffalo horn, sourced from water buffalo in India that are raised for meat and hide already. The...
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