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Bump!Just came across this store, and I love it.Waiting for this tie to come back into stock: [[SPOILER]]
Wow! I agree, it looks very good!
Leonel, something looks a little off in the shoulders. I can't tell exactly what's happening from the pic because it's a little far away. Do you see the rolls in the fabric in the shoulders and upper arms? Compare that to the pic below of a suit with a good fit in the shoulders / upper arms: Otherwise, I think it looks great. Has it been pressed? Maybe it just needs a good pressing.
Looks good, leonel. I'm on my phone now so I can't give a detailed critique. Thanks guys for posting. Def would love to hear updates.
Thanks for all the advice. I was naively hoping that someone would say they've made it happen before. I'll just have to pass on this pair
I've been searching for an affordable tuxedo shoe for a while and have been having trouble finding ones that I like. I'm getting a bit desperate because I need something to wear within a few weeks. Something has come up on Ebay that I love, except it's an 11B
Did a quick search, couldn't find anything. I'm considering buying a leather tuxedo pump in size 11B, even though I'm an 11D. Won't be wearing it but twice a year or so, and probably for a few hours or less at a time. Thoughts? Will I at least be able to squeeze into it? I'm hoping the leather will give a little. Thanks.
Thoughts? Not necessarily the ones in the images, I just included them to give you an idea...
I would add "enthusiasm". Most hiring managers will take an amateur with enthusiasm for the job / field over a bored, experienced worker any day.
Did you go straight into business school out of college? Do you have any work experience?
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