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In for the cognac portfolio. Looking forward to using your products.
Do you also use an exotic skin card holder as well?
The lack of detailed sizing information discourages me from purchasing anything from them. I wear a Long and it is difficult to tell what size many of these items are. There have been many items I thought long and hard about buying, but not enough info kills it.
Nice deals. If those suits were 42L they would be gone.
Wrong forum.
In the future if an item is sealed in a package, offer no more description than what is on the packaging.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fraiche Anyone pickup a pair? I bought a pair of them. They arrived yesterday with the polish scuffed off of them on the heel. Gilt is giving a full refund. Beautiful shoes though. They fit perfectly.
I bought some suede shoes once that turns out the seller was a smoker. I put them in a closed room with an ozonator and the smell was gone in a little over an hour.
Ebay sent one of those 10% off fashion coupons so I thought I'd combine that with my Ebay bucks and snag one of my watch items.
Quote: Originally Posted by Klobber Im mildly color blind, and even I can tell that is brown. Rust is like an orange - red - tan - brown mash up and in certain light conditions can almost look purple"ish". In normal daylight, it looks quite close to burnt orange. That RL Polo is the color of poop - it is brown alright. And BTW, it is also quite a nice piece. Poop sounds great. On my monitor it looks like rust so it had me...
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