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Quote: Originally Posted by ktrp Am I the only one who thinks the poster and blog writer are not the same person? +1
Prior to discovering SF, I paid 300USD fora pair of black Ferragamo Studio loafers.
I agree with the previous posts. Decent tailors do not exist in Manila. Or maybe I haven't found one yet. I'm getting married next year and I'm buying my suit in HK.
Sorry the sleeves are quite short
Quote: Originally Posted by tchoy Carmina Inca last from The Armoury If you don't mind, how much were the carmina trees? The last time I was in the armoury, the carmina trees were not for sale. Thanks!
I wouldn't mind spending $500 for Carminas. The most I have spent is around $650 for a pair of Vass. Still can't convince myself paying more for EG.
Quote: Originally Posted by rsuhandy bump to answer this question I got the vass U last chukka in size 43. I wear an 8.5uk in cj 337. So half a size up for the U last.
Quote: Originally Posted by countbaron Vass v CJ with no further qualification is a nonsensical question. No one will argue that CJ benchgrades are anyway near, and even the handgrades have a totally different approach - i.e. lighter construction, wider range of tones, etc What I think is a meaningful question is Vass vs Bally Scribes. I don't have any VASSes due to availability issues but I have two pairs of (double soled) Charles Scribes...
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain wow those are horrible btw, you guys realize CJ has done Paul Smith before? Yeah I think I saw a pair of paul smith boots by C&J in the b&s section a few years ago.
This one's close to the IWC Portuguese chronograph at I think less than half the price:
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